Hi there!

I’m Fuji, a media designer and aspiring comic book artist from Japan.
This is my little personal website I set up long time ago,
along with a blog about the things I feel passionate about.
I used to write a lot back in the days when I lived in Tôkyô,
but then came the 3/11 disaster and a job change,
and I’ve been too busy to write regularly ever since.
I’m planning on publishing my first comic book soon,
so stay tuned – there’s exciting stuff ahead.

Panel 1

About Me

I’m a Japanese-German thirtysomething who likes movies, photography and things that are good for the Earth. My curiosity about culture and history is vast, but my special interest now is early Christianity, about which my comic is about.

By the way, I was born in East Germany and grew up in Heidelberg. Upon graduating high school I spent a year volunteering at the Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Japan, an international training commune for rural leaders, and I enjoy being around people of different backgrounds.

After earning a degree in Visual and Performing Arts at Kyôto University of Art & Design and a job in Japan’s film industry I returned to the ARI as public relations staff. The three years I spent there were intense and rewarding, and even though I quit my position I still work on print and video projects for ARI. I now live in Kanagawa, south of Tôkyô.

You can find out more about the amazing Asian Rural Institute here.