Sirius Interferences

I originally had intended to upload my new film LIFE ON SIRIUS this week, but things have gotten complicated on the way. After the final presentations I sent my work to the public competition of the annual Image Forum Festival. The Image Forum is – despite the low quality of the presented works in recent years – one of Japan’s big experimental film competitions. My teacher whose works were made into a DVD by the Image Forum last year encouraged me to take part.

Should LIFE ON SIRIUS be among the 15 selected works of the competition there might be a chance of winning one of the ¥ 100,000+ prizes along with some attention of the visual arts world. The hook here is the Forum’s rules on screening rights, which it’s going to claim for another year after the festival. I wonder what impact that could have on taking part in other competitions.

One more rule prevents me from uploading my work to that series of tubes called the www. I need to wait until mid-March when the jury’s results are in. One of this year’s jury members is Tanaami Keiichi, who could remember me from the university-intern film competition two years ago. That time I got ¥ 50,000 from Ukawa Naohiro for my high school work REGRECJO PJOŞ. If I am not considered for the competition I’ll be free to upload it, otherwise I am going to create DVDs for those who helped me with the project…

Be it as it may, I did a test screening of the film last Sunday at my school’s shishashitsu for the staff and cast involved in the production. This time I didn’t feed from DV tape but from a 720p HD video file, and boy, the image quality blew me away. I had feared block noise in some contrast-stark areas and overall pixelishousness but the h.264 video looked beautiful. I had planned the film for the web first, but this thing is meant to be on the screen. I also got some positive feedback from totally uninvolved people. This film might be able to go a little bit further. I am really happy about it, and while I am very sorry to be unable of  showing it here anytime soon, I’ll just give some still shots.

Everyone, thank you so much!!

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  1. 100 000 En, das sind nicht weniger als… 1600 Mark. Der Höchstpreis ist mit 300 000 dotiert. Für nen Rückflug nach Deutschland also wohl gerade richtig, falls ich keinen Job finden sollte…

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