Films do not belong into museums!

I hadn’t had the chance to get to the museum today. My relatives from Northern Japan are here for a visit, and my cousin will join us tomorrow, so I need to take care of them. But Wednesday, the first day of the exhibition, ended with nearly 300 visitors. I observed the two rooms that we students from the Department of Visual and Performing Arts share as a kind of curator. Two days before we transported and prepared the exhibition space with about thirty people. Two teachers, some other colleagues and me were giving instructions and made sure every section is able to work smoothly.

Compared to the exhibitions of the other departments such as architecture, Japanese and Western paintings and the design fields, the Visual and Performing Arts section always pales, no matter how nicely we prepare the screening room… A museum just does not fit for the kind of works we create. There`s a lot to evaluate on for me, and observing the visitors gave me a lot of hints regarding my weaknesses in creating a rigid concept and promotion strategy ( do I sound like a business person here?) for this kind of event. There was much to learn from it though, so I`m glad I had the opportunity. This year we have great equipment and a broad variety of works. And working with the wonderful colleagues and friends I have come to know during the last four years is just terrific. I know I`m going to miss university.

Curating the exhibition ate away all my time that I actually need for finding a job. I cannot even imagine what March is going to be like… but I hope the efforts will pay off in a twist, later…

I did a small contribution to the welcome videos at the entrance counter. We collected over 20 different ones from people from my course. I made Tuesday night:

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