Show Reel 2010 – or – Hire Me!

I did a slight update to my demo reel, cutting some frames here, adding some new clips there… still cheezy with a pretty standard CGI intro, but as no one seems to get the Godard reference in the old reel…

My old pal Ôtsuki has also released his own show reel on his website: For fun purposes, I post it here, ’cause not only did I help as a staff on some of his works, but I also got a small cameo appearance at 2:17 minutes, as an astronaut. I also did the opening narration for his smashing splatter hit BARIQUAND 2 at 1:52 minutes. Planning, direction, shooting, editing, CGIs, being a multi-talent Ôtsuki does it all by himself, even the music. Most of the people here are colleagues and friends from university. Enjoy.

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