Credo 21 or A 21st Century Christian’s Creed

I have been reflecting deeply about my faith again since I started attending services at the Jesus Lifehouse church here in Tôkyô. I knew that many of my positions differ from those of the mainstream evangelical doctrine. As a Christian Mystic I might be better off in a Coptic monastery.
Thus being said, the encounters at the church encourage me to hone down the fundamental corner points of my faith. Writing them down in a concise form might be a good step.  A continuation of my personal creed, a snapshot of my pilgrimage, so to speak. Some see creeds as exclusive, and robbing faith of its vitality. There are good reasons to avoid them. But it is not bad to record from time to time to put things in order.

I made an effort to point out only the most important parts that I suppose are going to stay, but I expect change and I will welcome any suggestion and discussion to improve the content, amend it over to get a clearer picture of what constitutes my faith. It’s the gist of five years of struggle and discovery. Here it goes, a 21st Century Christian’s Creed.

I. God
I believe in the one God who revealed himself to Moshe as Yahweh, ‘
I am here’.

II. Origin
I believe that God is the source of all things by having given birth to the cosmos and allowing life to develop as a continuous creation to express the boundless richness of his nature.

III. Humans
I believe that we humans as self-aware beings are placed in a special relation with both Creator and creation, and that due to our sense of morality carry peculiar responsibility for the way we shape this relation.

IV. Yeshua
I believe that God became human in Yeshua of Nazeret, to testify his
being with us by sharing our lot through birth, life and death on the cross, to offer us a hope beyond death by overcoming it, and to sow the Reign of God into our hearts.

V. The Reign of God
I believe that with the Reign of God Yeshua calls for a world revolution of love, that teaches us how to live together, attain a fulfilled life in union with God, and overcome all manifestations of inner and outer evil.

VI. The Bible
I believe that the Bible breathes the spirit of God and thus provides predominant spiritual guidance, while further facets of the truth are expressed through other human works and the creation itself.

VII. Faith
I believe that faith is a dynamic force, and in each believer an agent of change, liberating, empowering, obliging him to shape an enlightened world according to the Reign of God.

It might not seem much different from what most Christians believe, but the way I get to these conclusions might be. There are some more specific things I would like to include, such as equality regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation etc., but I don’t want to overload this first attempt. I want it to be open to accept things such as multiple universes or different Christian denominations, while referring back to the Jewish and Christian traditions.

In a day and age where segements of the Christian family are pirated by forces of intolerance, dogmatism and nationalism, it is necessary to demonstrate that following Yeshua does not mean to – I borrow the words of Anne Rice here – be “anti-gay”, “anti-feminist”, and “anti-science” – on the contrary. Christianity has to find new roles in new realities. The journey goes on.

2 thoughts on “Credo 21 or A 21st Century Christian’s Creed

  1. Hey Fuji,

    I think this is beautiful, and the only thing I find missing is the same thing you say you haven’t added yet – the call for humans to love and serve on another.

  2. Lune, thank you so much – I know I have an ally in you. And yeah, good point, to be more specific about serving and loving each other! There might be even some space for the Golden Rule, I notice.

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