My film at the KISFF – 京都国際学生映画祭でフジの作品!

I’m happy to announce that my graduation work LIFE ON SIRIUS was chosen to be one of the works to be shown at the Kyoto International Students Film Festival next month.
It is not only nice to have the movie shown in a theater, but that it happens to be in my beloved old university town where the movie’s story is set.
It will be shown along with Japanese student films and a handful of foreign works, as well. I will attend the screenings on December 3rd and 4th. I am also very excited about watching the works of other students, and look forward to discussing and learning. I know this sounds cheesy, but I really feel this way right now.
The screening of the video will not be in its native HD format, but as an SD video tape. There were technical restrictions on both my side and that of the festival’s management. Nevertheless, if you are around I’d be happy if you drop by to watch my short film.

LOS-CafeSceneScene from “Life on Sirius” ・「シリアスに生きる」の1シーン




One thought on “My film at the KISFF – 京都国際学生映画祭でフジの作品!

  1. フジ、映画祭の入選おめでとう。アジア学院にいた頃、一生懸命取り組んでたフィルム作りや入学試験の準備はもう随分前のことだね。それからフジの夢がどんどん膨らんでいるのが目に浮かぶようです。 インドで入選のフィルムが見られないのが残念だけど、これからもフジらしく頑張って、活躍できるようにここからお祈りしています。

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